Saturday, June 14, 2008

Whew, Time Flies!

Something's missing here! I could've sworn that I've blogged since April 6, 2008 - but it's not here. I gotta quit drinking the wine that Maureen serves us at Sit 'n Stitch! (Maureen's our most gracious LYS owner!)

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day and we had a blast here in Paducah. I'm worn out! We started our day at 8am at Market Square Coffee (thanks Val!) and shop- and cafe-hopped until 10pm tonight. I think we should do this more than once a year. I'm thinking semi-annual if not quarterly! The weather was nice, we had a great turnout, and most of us made good progress on our WIPs.

On the home front, we've place 2 more foster weimaraners since my last blog post. Right now we're fostering a handsome booger named Jackson. He has no manners and very little training, but those are his only faults. He's a lover who just wants all the attention! We're working with him to get him better socialized, then he'll be posted on the website for adoption. Wish us luck!

Going to bed now - it's been a long day knittin' and I'm tired.
G'night all!

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